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  • Founded1994

Hands Around The World

Hands Around The Worldwork with their volunteers and partners to establish and support schools, youth training centres and workshops providing education and training for vulnerable children and teenagers. Develop income generating initiatives at each centre such as chicken rearing and honey production aiming both to improve the nutrition of the children and develop the centre’s sustainability. HATW currently works with 9 established partners in Zambia, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Ghana, Benin, Kenya and India, all of which are being supported to become self-sustaining. They also offer occasional support to a few centres where they have historical links. Every day, through their overseas partners and the generosity of their volunteers and supporters, HANDS AROUND THE WORLD (HATW) helps more than 2500 vulnerable children around the world, by providing the things that they often take for granted. They strive for happy, healthy children who are safe, cared for, listened to, well fed, clothed, housed and in school. They choose to support some of the most needy – often orphaned girls, sometimes with disabilities. What their volunteers have achieved Volunteers are integral to their work. They work with UK volunteers (450+ so far) who are given orientation by them, and offer their time and experience within the communities. They not only bring practical skills, but give encouragement and are often a catalyst for change – for volunteers too it is a life-changing experience. As one volunteer said, “I personally benefited hugely from my volunteering with HATW. I have learnt of a fascinating culture with a rich heritage, and have gained a deeper appreciation of the situations developing countries face. I have also been inspired by the determination and positivity of the people I have met. They have inspired me to do more with my own life.” Over the years, amongst other things, HATW volunteers have: * Refurbished a village health centre and staff house and built 3 classrooms in Benin * Refurbished 3 children’s homes and built 2 favela children support centres in Brazil * Built an orphanage and school in Ghana * Build a home for abandoned children, a school and a vocational centre in India * Built a school dormitory, 2 schools, a training workshop, a classroom block, 2 houses for orphans and accommodation for children in care in Kenya. The list goes on! But it’s not just bricks and mortar… Every day HATW-supported centres help 2,000 vulnerable children, ensuring they are clothed and fed, have a home and are receiving an education. The things that they often take for granted. Who are they? HANDS AROUND THE WORLD was founded in 1994 by Dr. David Steiner, who for many years lived and worked as a doctor in general practice in Jersey. He became involved with the States of Jersey Overseas Aid Programme, during which time the plight of many people in developing countries came to be of great personal concern. On his return to Britain in 1993 after a year at a rural hospital in Zambia, David and his wife, Lynda, decided to use the experiences gained during the previous 22 years to set up an organisation which would offer practical assistance in response to a specific need, and the following year HANDS AROUND THE WORLD (HATW) was born. “I could never cope with children dying, and it was this challenging experience which eventually led to the founding of HANDS AROUND THE WORLD” said David. Mission Statement: Hands Around the World seeks to help vulnerable children around the world, encouraging enthusiastic and well prepared volunteers to offer practical help, skill sharing, support and friendship. Who do they help? There are at least 25 million orphaned children in Sub-Saharan Africa. In some countries such as Zambia this number is almost 10% of the population. Many of these children have lost their family to AIDS. Day to day life for these children is unimaginable – they will often be malnourished, living on the streets, with no access to education, and worst of all no one to love and care for them. HANDS AROUND THE WORLD chooses to support the most vulnerable children – often orphaned girls, sometimes with disabilities.
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