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Henan Provincial Government

The Henan Provincial Party Committee's Foreign Affairs Working Committee Office (hereinafter referred to as the Provincial Committee's Foreign Affairs Office) is the office of the CPC Henan Provincial Committee's Foreign Affairs Working Committee. The Provincial Party Committee's Foreign Office has a Secretariat (Policy and Regulations Division), Personnel Division, Asia-Africa-Oceania Office (Concierge Office), Europe-America Office (Translation Office), Foreign-related Security Consular Office, Overseas Administration Office, News and Publicity Management Office, Foreign Development Cooperation Office, Party Committee of the Organ, Retired Cadre Work Office. The units directly affiliated to the Provincial Party Committee Foreign Affairs Office are: Henan Provincial People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Office Service Center of the Office of the CPC Henan Provincial Party Committee's Foreign Affairs Working Committee, and Henan Provincial Electronic Passport Certification Center.
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