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Hermes-Österreich Geistgemäße Geldgebarung

HERMES-Austria is a not-for-profit, non-profit association committed to a new approach to money. It forms since 1982 a platform for donors and money recipients in Austria to deal with money unselfishly and in solidarity.  The cash flows are made comprehensible. Money recipients do not remain anonymous, but report on the development of their projects.Donors have the opportunity to see for themselves and to directly support the importance and value of an initiative for the community.You can suggest for which area, eg pedagogy, agriculture, innovation, their money should be used. The funded projects are disclosed. The lenders are informed about the progress of the projects. Solidarity is expressed in the low interest or interest rate waiver. This will allow support for new, forward-looking, not-for-profit projects and initiatives, which usually do not receive funding from the conventional financial system, and favorable financing adapted to their financial and social circumstances. The responsible use of money is promoted and the awareness of the different qualities of money such as buying, borrowing and giving, which form a basis for a mindful handling of money, aroused. HERMES-Austria strives to inspire people to use their resources for the economy, the environment, social and educational projects in the region.
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