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  • Founded1830

Higher University of San Andres (Universidad Mayor de San Andres)

ABOUT The Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, (also usually known by the acronym UMSA) is the main public university of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, established since 1830 in the department of La Paz (seat of government) and deployed throughout it, in the capital city and its provinces in 4 Regional University Centers (CRUs) and various Local University Venues (SULs). UMSA is the second oldest university in Bolivia, after the San Francisco Xavier de Chuquisaca University (1624) and the most representative of the Bolivian University System. It is one of the most prestigious academic centers in the country, cradle of different ideologies and participant in many social movements during different periods of government in the history of Bolivia, while teaching and paying for national education. In the field of students, until 2016, the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés had around 74,391 students in its classrooms, of which 4013 obtained a bachelor's degree or its equivalent (undergraduate) It is also worth mentioning that several presidents of Bolivia made their higher studies at this university, graduating from their classrooms, as well as different lawyers, engineers, politicians, doctors and other professionals who became prominent personalities within the Bolivian plommunity during the course of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. In 2018, according to the webometrics ranking, it is considered the First Best University of Bolivia. Its current Rector is the Attorney Honoris Causa, Waldo Albarracín Sánchez. MISSION Train highly qualified professionals, with commitment and social responsibility, with reflection and critical thinking, entrepreneur and builder of a fair and inclusive society. Promoting innovation integrated to the State, society and the international scientific and academic community, promoting the progressive transformation in search of improving the quality of life of the population. VIEW Research university, entrepreneurial and innovative with international recognition, valued for its contribution to the generation of knowledge and training of leading professionals in the revolution of thought with responsibility and commitment to the service of society.  
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