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Hummel - Ukraine

About Once on a rainy day in 1923, a young shoemaker named Albert Messmer watched a football match in his hometown of Eppendorf. During the match, he noticed how all the players glide on the wet grass - this idea ignited him. A great idea was born. Albert returned home to his workshop, worked all night, and the next morning came out with his first sports product - a pair of football boots. The football boots created in the backyard of Albert in Eppendorf have become the starting point for Hummel - and for over 90 years Hummel products have been sold in more than 35 countries around the world. HUMMEL SPORT & FASHION Hummel is proud to have been a manufacturer of sportswear, sports equipment, sneakers and fashionable clothes for almost 100 years. A sporting heritage is present in all aspects of the Hummel brand - including the development and design of all clothing collections. Even their fashion collections are sporty and have an active appearance. Therefore, when new collections are released several times a year, it is easy to combine clothes from different collections, which allows you to create your own unique image. Danish design and tradition have a strong influence on our products. They work with clean lines, add sharpness to details in vibrant color combinations. Inspired by retro and modern trends, they create an urban street style combined with sports trends. KARMA MISSION: CHANGE THE WORLD BY SPORT At hummel, they believe that sport is more than physical activity. It is a universal language that can eliminate differences in politics, culture, religion and beliefs. As a company, they know that they can achieve real change in the world, using sports to create mutual understanding, respect and unity. Thanks to unique partnerships, projects and events, they support and initiate projects that help people live in a passion for sports. Of the main projects in Afghanistan and Sierra Leone: they provide people with opportunities to participate in sporting events and provide them with a platform to realize this opportunity. The main idea is to fight in sports fields! Through participation in such projects and united by such an idea around the world, they believe that they can launch the boomerang effect in positive changes for everyone. This is what they call KARMA. This is how they want to change the world through sports.
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