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Hunan Industrial Equipment Installation Co., Ltd

About Hunan Industrial Equipment Installation Co., Ltd, which is affiliated to Hunan Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd., was set up in 1958, which is a state-owned sole proprietorship of legal person company with the registered capital of RMB 1.5 billion, being as a national large comprehensive construction enterprise and national high-tech enterprise. It has the First Grade Qualification of the overall contract in the six fields: mechanical & electrical installation engineering, electric power engineering, metallurgical engineering, building construction engineering, municipal public works engineering and petrochemical engineering; the First Grade Qualification of the special contract in the three fields: building mechanical & electrical installation engineering, firefighting facilities engineering, steel structure engineering construction. At the same time it has GA1 B-grade + GB category + GC1-class + GD1-class pressure pipeline installation qualification; First Grade Qualification on boiler installation and maintenance; B-class lifting equipment installation and maintenance qualification; the Second Grade Qualification on installation (repair, commissioning) of electric power facilities. The company has 20 branches under governing, which are located separately within Hunan Province and in Shanghai, Suzhou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shijiazhuang, Xiamen and other places; the company owns ten holdings (sharing) subsidiaries: Hunan Zhongxing Equipment Installation Engineering Limited Liability Company, Hunan Xiang’an New Energy Technology Co., Ltd, Changsha City Zhongwang Real Estate Limited Liability Company, Zhuzhou City Xiangjian Real Estate Development Limited Liability Company, Zhuzhou City Xiang’an Property Management Limited Liability Company and etc., being engaged in several related fields like real estate development, production and installation of pressure vessels, property management, testing and debugging, and so forth. At present, the company has over 3,200 employees, in which 160 people with senior qualifications and 740 people with intermediate certificates, as well as 438 national first-class and second-class constructors. The company is one of the largest comprehensive construction and installation enterprises with the strongest comprehensive strength in the country, its annual output over 8 billion RMB.
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Company Offices

  • (headquarters)
  • No. 88, Qiyi Road, Zhuzhou