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They treat their work as a laboratory. They aim to develop a practical system of thinking that answers such questions as What does it take to build a great idea into a company? What management systems work best to achieve different kinds of goals? What systems fit best at different stages in a company's evolution? What frameworks for shaping strategy apply when they work to change whole systems, not a single institution? How can the factors driving differences in performance at the level of individuals and groups best be understood? Their day-to-day work as advisors and entrepreneurs feeds into their system of thinking, while also providing a practical context in which to test the value of their ideas. At Incandescent, building useful, elegant, and teachable theory is an end in itself, not just a way to grow their business. They aim to be as much synthesizers as inventors, connecting the advances made by leading thinkers across a range of disciplines into a coherent, powerful whole.
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