• Organization TypeService Providers
  • Staff26-50
  • Founded2004
The Center for Public Information Issues, CPII, is leading organisation in Albania in promoting Transparency and the Rule of Low. Established since 22/09/2004, CPII is a non-for-profit institute, with outstanding experience and capacities for monitoring, legal evaluations, advocacy both in central and local level, strategic litigation and even promotion. Above all CPII promotes efficient access to legislation and all types of pubic information. Every citizen has a right to know about how is being governed. Information is power and they want citizens to fully exercise such power as it is guaranteed by the Albanian Constitution (article 23/1) CPII dedicates itself to improve and promote an efficient state publication system for all type of legislation. An informed citizen on the legal norms is a better citizen. CPII for years now monitors the consistency of Official Journal (Gazette) in the Republic of Albania through a very efficient tool designed be its talented and devoted staff. CPII was a pioneer and leading  organisation in advocating the need for e-state publications in Albania. As a direct result of its professional and unbiased commitment, CPII has embodied its contributions in drafting and some of the most important sunshine laws in Albania. The Center for Public Information Issues, CPII, as a specialized operator of civil society, visualizes its role as loupe in public hands, to see more in depth of the institutions structure. The logo of the CPII is drown upon this vision: a loupe above a triangle structure, that represents the three branches of power: Legislative, Executive and Judiciary.    

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