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The Institute for Urban Economics (IUE) is a non-government and non-profit organization established in Moscow in 1995. The IUE’s mission consists in providing analysis and assistance to cities and regions in social and economic development. Today, the IUE is one of the leading think tanks carrying out a comprehensive research of the processes that take place in Russian regions and municipalities and the country, in general. The IUE suggests new solutions on social and economic development of territories, participates in lawmaking process, makes an independent evaluation of the situation, and organizes public dialogue on the most critical issues of the country’s development. In 2015 the Institute for Urban Economics celebrated the 20-th anniversary since its foundation by holding a Conference "Expert support to socio-economic development of cities and regions". The issues of expert analysis of socioeconomic policy, urban management and municipal economic development, housing and town-planning policy were discussed at the conference. Representatives of state and municipal authorities, as well as of leading analytic centers highlighted their vision of the most urgent problems.  Two years in a row the Institute for Urban Economics entered TOP 50 the world ranking Global Go To Think Tank Index in the top one hundred independent think tanks in the area of social policy. In addition, at the end of 2016, the IUE took the 44th position in the Top Think Tanks in Central and Eastern Europe. Many of the IUE’s developments had great importance for the country. They enabled the enhancement of efficiency of municipal governance and improvement of people’s welfare. The IUE contributed to holding first open competitions for technical maintenance and management of housing stock, first land tenders, issuing first state housing certificates, opening first individual social accounts, training first experts in mortgage lending, implementing target social programs. In many Russian cities people benefit in real terms from implementation of the models developed by the IUE. Today, there is practically no city or rural settlement in Russia where needy residents cannot receive a housing allowance. The IUE played an important role in liquidation of a system of “unfunded mandates” by means of which higher tiers of public authority reassigned the responsibilities for funding their decisions to lower tiers. The programs and approaches rely on methodological guidelines developed by the IUE experts. The IUE has an extensive experience in law-making activity. The IUE experts contributed to development of over 100 Russian legislative and regulatory legal acts, including federal acts as follows: On State Registration of Real Estate Rights and Transactions (1997) On Mortgage of Real Estate (1998) Land Code of the Russian Federation (2001) On Mortgage-Backed Securities (2003) Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation (2004) Housing Code of the Russian Federation (2004) On Principles of Tariff Regulation for Utility Organizations (2004) On Participation in Equity Construction of Apartment Buildings and Other Real Estate Objects and On Amendments to Selected Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation (2004) On the Housing and Utilities Reform Fund (2007) On Promoting the Development of Housing Construction (2008) Amendments to the Housing Code of the Russian Federation as they relate to capital repairs of common property in Apartment Buildings – Federal law No. 271 (2012) Amendments to the Housing Code of the Russian Federation as they relate to non-profit rental of residential premises – Federal law No. 217 (2014) Main activities and services   Investigating social and economic problems of urban territories   Putting in practice the results of research by way of implementing demonstration projects Participating in designing and reviewing legislative and other regulatory legal documents on urban development regulation, housing policy, development of real estate market  Assisting state authorities and local governments in developing strategies, practical policies, and implementation of municipal economy reform Providing scientific and methodological assistance to organizations, enterprises, property companies, and developers in developing and implementing the programs on urban economy and real estate market development Training, skills development, educational and methodological activity Dissemination of experience, practical developments and recommendations via mass media and the IUE’s publications   The IUE is an observer of the Association of Russian Economic Think Tanks, a member of non-commercial partnership “Union of Financiers of Russia”, a member of European Network for Housing Research, a member of International Union for Housing Finance, and a member of the Urban Land Institute (ULI). The IUE’s representatives are members of expert council of the All-Russia Local Governance Council. The IUE maintains the staff of 35 permanent employees and consultants. The IUE experts are widely known for their scientific and practical developments, master modern research techniques and have a huge body of experience in cooperation with municipalities on developing the programs of social and economic development. Almost half of the IUE experts have a Ph.D. degree and international certificates in finance, property management, social policy and other special areas. From 1995 over 17,500 articles, interviews and comments with and by the IUE experts were published in mass media. More than 2,300 seminars, round-table discussions and conferences attended by over 160,000 persons were held. The IUE issued more than 300 publications, with total circulation of 300,000 copies.

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