Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers (AyA - Costa Rica)

History The Legislative Assembly integrates a special commission to study the bill and the vast documentation it generated. The matter became public knowledge and Costa Ricans learned through newspaper articles that a hope was born to solve the water problem. The Legislative Assembly also consulted, during the process of drafting the law, experienced salubristas and civil engineers, such as Edison Rivera Castaing, Renán Méndez, Guillermo Roviralta, Fernando Chavarría Loaiza and Eduardo Jenkins, who endorsed the project, jointly with the Minister of Health, Dr. José Manuel Quirce Morales, great promoter of the creation of the National Service of Aqueducts and Sewers. The legislative body had long been trying to find an answer to the issue of water. First he did it through the Water Law issued in 1942, which provided in his article 41 that all the aqueducts of the country were patrimony of the State, that the new works of this type would be operated by the Ministry of Public Health and that the aqueducts administered by the Municipalities will continue like this until their nationalization is decreed. In view of the fact that the State could not directly assume the operation that was foreseen, and that the problem continued to worsen, the General Potable Water Law was issued in 1953, imposing regulations on the administrative bodies, so that they set appropriate rates, which would allow the correct operation of the systems, with the purpose of guaranteeing the potabilidad of the water in protection of the public health. In addition, it forced them to keep separate accounts, to ensure that the funds were dedicated to their task. The deputies had sufficient reasons to approve the Constitutive Law of a decentralized body, legally and financially provided, to take charge of resolving the drinking water crisis. Mission "Ensure universal access to drinking water and sanitation in a way that is committed to the health, sustainability of the water resource and the economic and social development of the country" Vision "To be the public institution of excellence in the rectory and management of drinking water and sanitation services for the entire population of the country"
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Company Offices

  • Costa Rica (headquarters)
  • San Jose
  • San Isidro District, Vásquez de Coronado