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Institute of Economic Forecasting


The Institute of Economic Forecasting of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) is one of the leading research institutes in the country in the field of macroeconomic analysis and forecasting. Since it was founded in 1986, the Institute has been carrying out both fundamental and applied research. Among its 200 researchers, there are 20 state doctorates and more than 110 Ph.Ds. These include RAS correspondent member Victor V. Ivanter, and professors Anatoly G. Vishnevsky, Victor A. Volkonsky, Felix N. Klotsvog, Nickolai I. Komkov, Efrem Z. Maiminas, Alexander S. Nekrasov, Oleg S. Pchelintsev and others. The main goal of the Institute is short, medium, and long term forecasting of economic and social development of Russia. The main areas of research at the Institute are: * the dynamics and structure of the national economy; * factors and resources effecting potential for economic development; * structural and technological processes in economic systems; * development of various branches of the Russian economy as a whole as well as its industrial complexes; * conversion of the military sector; * economic and social development of the regions of Russian Federations, federal and regional policy, economic ties with other CIS countries; * management of state property, privatization and other institutional problems; * national monetary, credit and taxation policies, development of banking system; * demographic processes in the country. Many national institutions and organizations cooperate with the Institute. Among them are the Ministries of Science, Economics, Finance, the Central Bank, the State Industrial Committee, and the Ministries of Fuel and Energy, Defense, and Institute of Economic Forecasting Transport, etc. The Institute regularly advises the members of the Government, the Federation Council, and the State Duma. The Institute carries out joint research work with a number of public associations, including the Federation of Russian Manufacturers, the Russian Association of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs etc. The Institute develops complex programs of social and economic development for various regions of Russia. The Institute is interested in further developing of scientific and business contacts, and is ready to consider proposals on various projects from governmental and private local and foreign organizations.

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