• Organization TypeAdvocacy NGO
  • HeadquartersArgentina
  • Founded1996

Instituto de Conservacion de Ballenas (Whale Conservation Institute)

ABOUT THEM They are a non-profit civil organization whose mission is to conserve whales and oceans through research and education. Founded in 1996 when they began to cooperate with the Ocean Alliance organization of the United States, to strengthen and continue the Southern Right Whale Research Program in the province of Chubut, Patagonia, Argentina. Understanding the problems faced by whales and oceans, expanded their actions and incorporated education and advocacy programs to address issues comprehensively at both national, regional and international levels. The continuous work and the achievements of the ICB over more than 2 decades were recognized internationally for the prize for the Biodiversity Conservation Actions in Latin America granted by the BBVA Foundation . The foundation recognized the ICB for its important contribution to knowledge about southern right whales that has been essential for the development of long-term management and conservation plans. They investigate to conserve Their team of scientists work with a mission: to investigate the needs of whales to ensure their conservation. Scientific research of the natural world allows them to unravel biological processes, describe the relationships between living things and their habitat, and understand the conservation needs of species. Today, the world's cetaceans live in a changing ocean that challenges their future and their well-being. They educate to conserve Education is one of the fundamental means they have to improve environmental sustainability in a present that requires immediate changes in their attitudes and behaviors. They consider that whales are an excellent vehicle to educate in these changes, since they symbolize life in freedom and generate in people such special feelings that remain latent for a lifetime. They advocate to conserve Through advocacy actions they work to achieve the effective conservation of whales, their habitat and marine biodiversity in balance with social welfare. They preserve their habitat by promoting the creation of marine protected areas and ocean sanctuaries . They defend the life of whales, in the International Whaling Commission , demonstrating that through the results of their scientific studies, there is no science to justify their hunting. They promote the responsible observation of cetaceans as an alternative of non-lethal use for coastal communities, in accordance with existing legal frameworks.    
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Company Offices

  • Argentina (headquarters)
  • ICB Argentina O'Higgins 4380, CP 1429 CABA