Integrated Poles and Corridors Project (PIC2)

The Integrated Poles and Corridors Project (PIC2) is one of the actions of the Malagasy Government to implement the General State Program and the Madagascar Emergence Plan (EMP). The project aims to support the revitalization of areas and corridors with high growth potential, stimulating the private sector and developing buoyant economic sectors such as agribusiness and tourism. It is the first project of its kind set up in the world with the support of the World Bank . The originality of the PIC Project lies in the multiplicity of aspects it addresses, unlike traditional mono-sectoral projects. Thus, the PIC Project adopts an approach that combines the improvement of the activity framework of companies to stimulate private investment, the rehabilitation of infrastructures and urban services in the Growth Poles as well as the improvement of governance. local.
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Company Offices

  • Madagascar (headquarters)
  • 2nd Floor, Reunion Island Isoraka, Antananarivo 101 Madagascar