• Organization TypeWorks & Construction, Service Providers
  • Founded2011

Integrated Water and Agricultural Development Ghana Limited (IWAD)

Integrated Water Management & Agricultural Development Ghana Limited (IWAD) was created in 2011 as a department under Wienco Ghana Ltd to lead the implementation of the Sisili Kulpawn. It started operation in February 2012 . It operated as a department until March 2014. It was incorporate as an Ltd.on March 25, 2014. Since April, 2014 the department has operated as a company under the name: Integrated water and Agricultural Development Ghana Ltd.(IWAD Gh. Ltd). Their Mission is to expand commercial viable irrigation practices in the Sisili–Kulpawn basin through the delivery of high quality irrigation support, new technology development, knowledge transfer, promoting water use efficiency, sustainability and secure farmer revenues for both Smallholders and the Nucleus Estates Recent investigations into the scenarios for development of water management and irrigation and drainage practices have demonstrated that there is a great potential for large scale irrigation in the North. In 2012, Wienco Ghana Limited (Wienco) and The Government of Ghana through the Savannah Accelerated Development Authority (SADA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the development of the Sisili-Kulpawn irrigation Project (the Project). Despite the limitations of the SAEZ the availability of land and extensive water resources do offer promising business expansion opportunities for the private sector. For the expansion of modernized agricultural practices Wienco Ghana Ltd is proposing to co – invest in key bulk water infrastructure in the Sisili–Kulpawn Basin to control the excessive flooding and unleash irrigated agriculture as the core driver to enhance rural income and alleviate poverty. Irrigation investments that help to direct water to dry areas and reduce flooding will bring relief to the farmers in the Sisili-Kulpawn Basin. To apprehend this transition Wienco Ghana Ltd. established the IIntegrated Water & Agricultural Management Department (IWAD) in 2012.
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  • 8 Yapei Link Airport Residential Area PMB CT 35 Cantonments