• Organization TypeService Providers
  • Founded2000

Intercontinental Exchange (ICE)

They started out in 2000 with the idea of transforming the energy markets by creating an electronic marketplace that removed barriers and drove transparency and access. By staying close to customers, we saw the demand for the efficiency that technology brings and expanded their electronic trading platform into new markets. At the same time they understood that along with liquidity, trust and integrity are central to the effective operation of markets and began investing to build and acquire clearing houses. As their electronic markets and demand for clearing grew, access to new sources of information became central to their customers and data has increasingly become the lifeblood of markets. They saw this evolution and consistently they advanced their capabilities, building a data business which is complementary to every part of their solution. Today, they’re a Fortune 500 company that connects the largest community of participants in all major markets at key phases of the investing, trading, hedging and capital raising lifecycle. Their comprehensive markets, clearing houses and data solutions mean that we uniquely deliver more mission critical markets, risk management and data for their customers’ workflow than any other exchange operator in the world. With a leading-edge approach to developing technology platforms, we have built market infrastructure in all major trading centers, offering customers the ability to manage risk and make informed decisions in the geography of their choice. By leveraging their core strengths in our markets, clearing, data and technology, they continue to identify new ways to serve their customers and transform global markets.
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