Intercultural Promotion and Engineering Agency (Agence de Promotion et d'Ingenierie Interculturelles - AP2i)


  • Organization TypeAssociation, Service Providers
  • Founded2011
AP2i - Intercultural Promotion and Engineering Agency - aims to develop projects that place intercultural dialogue at the heart of their issues. Or in other words: AP2i realizes cultural and artistic projects in order to dialogue cultural diversities. Through the promotion of intercultural exchanges, AP2i wishes to  fight against the phenomena of exclusion and rejection of the other which are born of ignorance ; fight against racism and fear of others by creating bridges between cultures .  In an increasingly globalized world where differences are likely to be crushed by a global culture, smoothed by a predominant pattern, AP2i believes in the strength of peculiarities as the origin of a trading ground. Drawing on these foundations in the field experience and academic training of these members, AP2i wishes to continue in this way and reinforce this complementarity by organizing a network platform called "Le Labo". It is a place for reflection and activities, bringing together researchers, artists and institutional representatives around issues of interculturality. By convening various fields of study, the Lab will conduct a critical exploration of the issues of interculturality and guide the design of new cultural projects. AP2i is the culmination of a reflection and a commitment to interculturality, conducted since 2005. It brings together individuals (students, artists, professionals, researchers, etc.) in the form of an association Law 1901 and it is accompanied by public and private bodies. Association Loi 1901,  AP2i  aims to promote and contribute to intercultural dialogue. To do this : It  will lead  and / or  accompany  projects corresponding to the purpose of the association. It  will establish  interactions between researchers, professionals, public and private institutions, public persons and individuals, focusing on the issue of interculturality; It  will  assist the public authorities in all actions likely to contribute to a better understanding between cultures. In this spirit, it will work for the development of cultural relations in Europe and in the Mediterranean basin. It will  join  efforts with local, departmental, regional and national institutions and groups pursuing similar goals, as well as with dependent and affiliated organizations of the European Union. It will  attend  and  participate  in symposia and conferences, national and international, dealing with European, Euro-Mediterranean and Mediterranean relations, with central focus dialogue and intercultural learning. Their philosophy They believe that each othem, to his measure, can act on the world.  They believe that they have other choices than identity withdrawal or cultural globalization.  They believe that miscegenation and cultural diversity are sources of personal enrichment.  They believe that intercultural dialogue is the way forward for a better world, a richer and more peaceful society. That's why in 2011, they created AP2i, an agency for intercultural promotion and engineering, based in Paris, to give them the means to act. By "engineering" they mean their ability to design, implement and evaluate a project.  By "intercultural" they mean this space of understanding to build between two or more individuals from different cultures.  By "culture" they mean all the historical, sociological and economic elements with which a person is built. Their actions aim at transcending their cultural filters in order to strive for a better understanding of the Other, towards the creation of dialogue and the social bond between individuals.  These actions translate into artistic and cultural projects, conferences ... Thus Ap2i leads all projects that address these concerns.

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