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Intercultural Youth dialogue Association (IYDA)



  • Organization TypeAssociation
  • HeadquartersEgypt
  • Founded2009
Intercultural Youth dialogue asso-ciation(IYDA) was founded in 2009 by a group of highly motivated young people from different background. They are registered as a nongovernoment organisation at the Egyptian ministry of social solidarity. IYDA is a member of Europemobility Nertwork and co-operstion with organization in various countries around the Globe. Volunteers at the age from 15 to 35,provide education training and cultural exchanges for younth in order to encourage fellowship among nations. Their main mission is to promote peace and mutual understanding through international exchange program for the youth  The association places the idea of cultural differences at the core of all its activities with a great emphasis on human rights. They believe in the essential value of cultural diversity and are convinced that intercultural understanding is a key condition for a more peaceful world.   To this day, the IYDA regularly organizes events and training seminars on leadership and communication skills as well as international exchange programs in order to spread its ideas to as many societies and people as possible. By doing so, IYDA tries to sustain the concept of equal chances among youth, to promote the women's role and to enhance gender equality. Implementing exchange programs with Europe and the MEDA, they aim at improving the intercultural dialogue in order to strengthen the importance of human rights among the Egyptian community and throughout the world. Though they are partners with many well-known organizations in the field of international exchange, human rights and volunteerism, such as Youth for Understanding, they are always looking for potential partnerships and networking possibilities to enhance the understanding between Egypt and fellow nations from around the globe. Together they can contribute to the buliding of youth capacity on a global scale.

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