• Organization TypeIndependent/None, Works & Construction
  • Founded1996

International d'Ingenierie en Cote d'Ivoire SA (2I-CI SA)

About The Technical Studies Office known as International Engineering in Côte d'Ivoire SA (2I-CI SA is the result of a will nourished by Mr. Souleymane COULIBALY, Engineer in Civil Engineering and graduate of the Center des Hautes Etudes de Construction (CHEC ) from Paris, after years spent in the private sector and the Ivorian administration. Mr. Souleymane COULIBALY founded the design office 2I-CI in 1996. The latter will become on October 31, 2015, a public limited company with the name, International Engineering in Côte d'Ivoire SA (2I-CI SA). Mission Perform, on behalf of others, in whole or in part, the following different missions: - Advice  at the decision stage: identification, programming, feasibility; - Design  of works, equipment, products, fittings, processes or systems from the design study phase to completion; - Management  of the realization: scheduling, piloting and coordination of the implementation of a project and of all the resources in skills, know-how, materials, men, funding it requires; - Control  of the achievements of works and products: compliance with the design, respect for costs, deadlines and rules of sustainable development; - Assistance  in staff training, reception, start-up, management, operation and maintenance of works, equipment or products; They take into account all the technical, economic, social and environmental dimensions which make it possible to meet the requirements of global and sustainable quality, safety and optimization of investments, works to be built or products to be made.  
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Company Offices

  • Cote d Ivoire
  • Abidjan
  • Yopougon carrefour Colonel