• Organization TypeImplementing NGO
  • Founded2003

International Groundwater Resources Assessment Centre (IGRAC)

About IGRAC (International Groundwater Resources Assessment Centre) facilitates and promotes international sharing of information and knowledge required for sustainable groundwater resources development and management worldwide. Since 2003, IGRAC provides an independent content and process support, focusing particularly on transboundary aquifer assessment and groundwater monitoring. Read more about IGRAC mission and objectives and organisation at the following pages. Missions and Objectives GRAC’s mission is to contribute to world-wide availability of relevant information and knowledge on the groundwater resources of the world, with particular emphasis on developing countries, in order to support sustainable utilisation and management of the groundwater resources, to promote the role of groundwater in integrated water resources planning and elucidate the impact of groundwater on the ecosystems of the Earth.  Under the general objective of “promoting sustainable groundwater resources utilisation and management by means of global exchange of knowledge”, IGRAC is developing a global  information system, conducting groundwater assessment at transboundary and global level, assisting in better monitoring of state of groundwater resources and supporting informed knowledge management and governance. 
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