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YTH is the partner of choice for those in search of new ways to advance the health of youth and young adults through technology. They believe that young people deserve honest information, deserve for their voice to be heard, and deserve to live healthy lives without shame or fear. YTH is committed to pursuing emerging, startling, and sometimes, simple technologies that can reach young people where they are. Through their partnerships and projects, they discover what works, pilot innovative solutions, and disseminate what’s truly effective. YTH doesn’t just build things—though they do that exceptionally well, and have since 2001. They drive change by creating, evaluating, and refining technology solutions and providing partners with proven models ready for scale and replication. They also build the capacity of the community to advance youth health by providing research, training, idea generation, and expert advice. Once they'vedetermined what works, YTH makes sure that the community can learn from their findings by sharing them through their annual YTH Live conference, blog, and research.

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