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Investment and Development Fund of Montenegro JSC

Background information Investment and Development Fund of Montenegro (IDF MN) was established by the Law on Investment and Development Fund of Montenegro JSC (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No. 88, dated December 31 2009). The Institution was established with the purpose of encouraging and facilitating economic development of Montenegro. By establishing the Investment and development Fund, the Government of Montenegro has provided for an efficient mechanism of supporting economic development, especially in the light of the current economic and financial crisis. The Fund core businesses is established through granting loans and extending guarantees, performing activities pertaining to the sale of capital in Fund’s portfolio and other activities aimed at supporting economic development Investment and Development Fund faces an ambitious task of attaining goals through implementing mechanisms defined in Article 2 of the Law on Investment and Development Fund of Montenegro: »The Fund is established with the purpose of supporting and facilitating economic development of Montenegro through: completing privatization process by sale of capital generated in the process of ownership transformation, supporting micro, small and middle companies and entrepreneurs, supporting infrastructure project, water supply projects, waste waters treatment and environmental protection, as well as financing project of local, regional and state-level importance.« The task of attaining goals is even more complex in the light of the current economic and financial crisis. During the first year of operations, Investment and development Fund faces a number of tasks requiring voluminous resources. Establishing an efficient and economic organization with competent human resources corresponding to challenges of the institution, defining programmes and support programme beneficiaries, software and personnel refreshing of the institution, establishing cooperation with adequate commercial enterprises and institutions of both local and international character etc Broadly defined core business and goals of the Fund provide for their concretization in several activity areas, inter alia: Supporting small and medium companies (credit and guarantee support); Support in resolving infrastructure and ecological projects; Supporting export and employment; Privatization of the residual social capital; Efficient management of securities and credit portfolio of the Investment and Development Fund and Directorate for Development of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises. PRIORITY AREAS Growth and development of micro, small and middle companies Supporting start ups Enabling entrepreneurs to launch new investment cycle Strengthening entrepreneurship capacities Improving company liquidity Encouraging balanced regional development Encouraging development of priority sectors (tourism, agriculture, wood processing, production, services) Promoting competitiveness of local companies Supporting new work capacities Supporting new products and technologies development Encouraging export Financing environmental production and infrastructure projects MISSION Their mission of a development institution is supporting development of new values established on the grounds of knowledge, cultural heritage and natural resources with the goal of encouraging a systemic, sustainable and balanced economic and social development on accordance with general strategic goals of Montenegro. VISION Investment and Development Fund as a success measure for development institutions effectively and efficiently rendering services to beneficiaries and supporting sustainable development of the community.
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