Italian National Unification Body (Ente Nazionale Italiano di Unificazione) (UNI)



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UNI - Italian National Unification Body - is a private non-profit association recognized by the State and the European Union, that for almost 100 years has been developing and publishing voluntary technical standards - the UNI standards - in all industrial, commercial and tertiary sectors . UNI companies are companies, professionals, associations, public bodies, research centers, educational and academic institutions, representatives of consumers and workers, the third sector and non-governmental organizations, which together constitute a multi-platform - unique technical comparison stakeholders at national level. UNI represents Italy in the European standardization organizations (CEN) and worldwide (ISO) and organizes the participation of national delegations in the work of supranational standardization, with the aim of: to promote the harmonization of the rules necessary for the functioning of the single market, to support and transpose the peculiarities of the Italian way of producing in specific techniques that enhance national experience and tradition of production. The vision We want to think of UNI as a great platform where the best resources of the country, through extensive participation, find solutions for the benefit of all, as an open system for transferring knowledge and disseminating values, to "do good things" but also to "set a good example", with a form of participation from below for a new democratic model. In the future UNI will increasingly have to guarantee that "security and stability pact" that allows the synthesis of solutions for everyone on the basis of the plurality of individual problems. The goal is reached by putting at the center the "people" of UNI and all its stakeholders, their professionalism and their sense of belonging, in an identity capable of stimulating and satisfying the needs of society, throughout the process of standardization, from innovation to application, from processing, dissemination and training. We continue the development and innovation action, through the positive relationship of collaborative relationships, for an agency that is currently rated 7th in the world, according to the ISO ranking. (Resolution No. 22/17 of the Board of Directors of 18/10/2017) The mission Standardization means studying, developing, approving and publishing voluntary application documents - standards, technical specifications, technical reports and reference practices - that define how to do things well, guaranteeing certain performances, safety, quality, respect for the environment, products , services, people and organizations, in all industrial, commercial and tertiary sectors. The aim of standardization is to contribute to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the socio-economic system, providing the tools to support technological innovation, the competitiveness of companies, the protection of consumers and the protection of the environment. Standardization can fill the economic and social spheres without official references with certain and shared references, as well as simplify the regulatory reference framework with appropriate application integrations. The characteristic values ​​of standardization and its functioning mechanisms are coherence, transparency, openness, consensuality, voluntariness, independence and efficiency.

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