Construction and Trade Company Construction-Commerce Construction-Export-Import Skopje was established in 1991, extending and expanding the operation of the building-facade shop Construction, which started in construction in the distant 1985. The company is formed with private equity by the manager Jovan Ilijevski. To date, numerous buildings have been constructed in the area of ​​high and low construction, mainly on the territory of the Republic as well as outside it - the Federal Republic of Germany and the Republic of Montenegro. For continuous monitoring of the works carried out outside the Republic Construction-Komerc opened its offices in Oberhausen - Federal Republic of Germany and in Sofia - People's Republic of Bulgaria. Our expert team of engineers, technicians and VKV workers from all stages of construction and craft work in the past years of trust have been given to us by numerous reputable companies and Ministries in the Republic of which we would mention the following: Stopanska Banka - Veles, Komercijalna Banka - Skopje, TTK Bank - Skopje, National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia, Joint Services of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, Macedonian Telecommunications, Neuromedica - Skopje, Jugohrom - Jegunovce (present-day Silmak), ESM of Macedonia, State Authority for Geodetic Works, Health Insurance Fund of Macedonia, IMG, UNICEF, Municipality of Aerodrom, Municipality of Karpos, Municipality of Kisela Voda, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Health and others. In addition to performing any type of high and low construction, including interior decoration and furnishing, in the beginning of 2008, it started its own warehouse with all types of building materials in the Pintia neighborhood where the administrative building is located. In addition to the management and expert team contributing to the successful completion of obligations to investors, a large and versatile fleet of construction machinery contributes. The better organization and market place of the company were the basis for the implementation of the ISO 9001-2000 quality management system, with which Construction-Komerc received an appropriate Certificate in May 2007.
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Company Offices

  • Macedonia (FYROM) (headquarters)
  • Skopje
  • Blvd. Boris Trajkovski No.141 (Pintia Industrial Zone), 1000 Skopje, Macedonia