Izolinvest is engaged in business, waterproofing and installing plasterboard construction. The basis for the assembly, distribution and implementation of waterproofing systems Logicroof, Logicbase,  Izofol and Velbit . Izolinvest also offers production activity in the auxiliary insulating materials and plumbing elements and implementation of building insulation. Customers can provide a wide range of proven materials and products for insulating flat roofs, foundations of buildings, ponds and pools. They are a company that focuses on system solutions, service, service and good interpersonal relationships. Patience in achieving long for us means more than short-term profit. The trust of their customers, good relationships with suppliers and respect for their employees are their core values. Their company is assessed as successful, stable and responsible. Sensitivity to the needs of their customers and meeting their requirements is a prerequisite for their success.
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Company Offices

  • Czech Republic (headquarters)
  • Zlin
  • Kancelář Zlín Tečovice
  • Kancelář Praha nám. Osvoboditelů 3 153 00 Praha 5 - Radotín