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  • Organization TypeImplementing NGO, Advocacy NGO
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  • Founded2004
Japan Heart was founded in 2004 as a volunteer-based international health care organization. Dr. Hideto Yoshioka, the President, launched Japan Heart after treating patients abroad for years and realizing the need for improved health care services. Japan Heart initially began offering services in Myanmar, and has since expanded into Cambodia. Many medical professionals - particularly doctors and nurses - and volunteers are sent from Japan Heart to engage in health care activities in these countries. In addition to medical intervention, the diverse operations include: providing hygiene care, training local health care professionals, improving elementary and middle school infirmaries, running a facility to protect orphaned children from natural disasters as well as AIDS and other diseases, and training the visually impaired for social independence. Domestically, Japan Heart dispatches nurses and other health care professionals to remote rural areas or isolated islands in Japan, where the shortage of medical personnel hinders the residents from accessing quality health care services. Japan Heart also manages the "Smile -Smile" operation in Japan and abroad to grant heartfelt wishes to children who are battling cancer and to provide opportunities for them to go on family vacations accompanied by medical personnel. All of these initiatives are driven by their mission: to reassure bright futures to people who were deprived of them. Japan Heart is committed to connect more Japanese medical professionals to people abroad and to providing health care services to those who need them most, regardless of where they live. If patients are suffering, Japan Heart will reach out to their hearts to give hope and strength.

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