• Organization TypeImplementing NGO, Advocacy NGO
  • HeadquartersVenezuela

Jarit Civil Association

Jarit (friend / partner in Wolof) is located in neighborhoods with a large presence of immigrants, where they work for and with migrants and offers both these people and the indigenous tools to make coexistence between different cultures a success. Jarit is a mixed association, where migrants and natives live together and work with respect and diversity. This supposes an added value as a model of innovative organization and integrative intervention conceived as good practice within the entity itself. Jarit offers a level of autonomy and participation with the volunteer staff from a philosophy of maximum openness. Within this altruistic human team, they highlight the presence of migrants, thus reinforcing their integration and training as active citizens in a space of encounter and sociability. The factor of attraction and facilitator of the integration of the migrant population is the extension and flexibility in the opening and closing hours of the association, due to the coordination between the work team and the great influx of volunteer personnel. This helps the immigrant population, who has working hours with many loads of all kinds, to have access to training and to be able to interact in an active way with the neighborhood and with the city. Jarit is created in the surroundings of the Russafa neighborhood, in the city of Valencia, at the initiative of a group of people from different backgrounds, with the concern of restoring South - North relations, where they coexist in a growing increase in the migrant population. They moved from their home countries for social, political or economic reasons. Throughout the years they adapt to the changing social reality, as well as to the diversification of the type of actions for the people who receive them. MISSION Encourage the social participation of immigrants and natives from spaces of proximity and coexistence as well as critical reflection, transforming multicultural realities into intercultural ones. Influence established power structures. Promote the exchange of experiences by establishing synergies from social action , education for development, cooperation and co-development and community development in South-North relations. VISION To be a reference in processes of citizen participation and empowerment in spaces of proximity, constituting them as a civic entity that demonstrates that interculturality is a feasible reality.
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Company Offices

  • Venezuela (headquarters)
  • Valencia
  • Calle Buenos Aires, 10