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  • Organization TypeImplementing NGO, Foundation, Institute, Advocacy NGO
  • Staff6-25
  • Founded1990
Since 1990, the Jedličkova Institute has been generously supporting children and young people with physical or combined disabilities. They do either through direct help or through organizations that provide the necessary services in education, social and work rehabilitation, healing therapies, barrier-free transport, personal assistance and leisure activities. The main group of recipients of funds is students and organizations around Jedličk Institute and Schools in Prague, but they help throughout the Czech Republic. The basic mission of the Jedličkova Institute Foundation is to collect funds and other values ​​to improve comprehensive rehabilitation care for children and young people with physical disabilities in all its aspects - educational, rehabilitative and therapeutically and more versatile assistance in integrating young people with disabilities into society in order to avoid social and social isolation. The assistance is directed to clients and graduates of Jedlička's institute and schools as well as to non-profit organizations throughout the Czech Republic, which have a similar mission as the Foundation. The financial and material assistance they provide to you is delivered in full.  In order to fulfill its mission, the Jedlička Foundation provides, collects and carries out financial and immovable property, the proceeds of which are used to achieve its objectives. They provide direct financial support to individuals and non-governmental non-profit organizations that implement projects in line with the Foundation's mission and principles. All revenues from collections and donations are used by the Foundation exclusively to pay grants and contributions to applicants. All operating costs are reimbursed only from the proceeds of their own economic activity and endowment assets.

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