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Jiangxi Provincial Port and Waterway Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd.

  Jiangxi Port and Harbor Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd. is a state-owned sole proprietorship company established on December 29, 2009 with the capital contribution of the provincial government. In June 2018, Jiangxi Port and Harbor Construction Investment Co., Ltd. was renamed as Jiangxi Provincial Port. Hang Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd. The company is mainly engaged in the construction, investment and operation management of port and shipping infrastructure such as avionics hubs, ports, waterways, ship locks, logistics, as well as comprehensive development and utilization of water resources, hydropower construction, power generation, site leasing and other approved businesses. The registered capital is RMB 1.98 billion. The group is a 2017 Jiangxi economic meritorious enterprise. The establishment of the company is to further deepen the reform of the state-owned assets management system of the province's port and shipping industry, build a provincial-level water transport investment and financing platform, improve the investment and capital operation level of Jiangxi water transport, and improve the investment in port and port infrastructure construction. The rapid expansion of state-owned capital of port and shipping and the preservation and appreciation of assets. The company closely focuses on the five major sectors of shipping, port, logistics, avionics hub, investment and financing, and actively promotes the project in accordance with the overall development concept of “one year rationalization, two years improvement, three years of hard work, four years of listing, five years of leapfrogging”. Construction, build a province-level water transport investment and financing platform, so that the company will become the leading enterprise of water operation industry and modern logistics industry in their province as soon as possible, and finally become a port and shipping industry group with large assets, strong financing ability and high management level, and strive to 2020 The total assets exceed 20 billion yuan, and strive to exceed 80 billion yuan in total assets by 2035. In accordance with the “13th Five-Year Plan” and the “Two Rivers and Two Ports” construction plan of the province's water transport, the company will build 12 channels of the navigation channel, port and logistics park during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, respectively. Hub, Jinggangshan Navigation and Hydropower Hub, Wan'an Hydropower Station Second-line Ship Lock, Baziou Navigation and Hydropower Hub, Shuanggang Shipping Hub, Jiepai Navigation and Hydropower Hub Lock, Jiepai to Shuanggang Canalization Channel Renovation, Shuanggang-Fuxikou Lake Area Waterway Renovation The Jiujiang Port Hongguang Wharf Phase I, the Jiujiang Port Hongguang Logistics Park Phase I, the Leading Post Integrated Terminal Phase II Project, and the Leading Gang Integrated Hub Logistics Park have a total investment of over 20 billion yuan. By 2020, the Lancang River and the Xinjiang Channel will be fully operated at the third level, achieving the goal of achieving a high-grade waterway of 995 kilometers. At present, the second-level units of the company's operation and management include Jiangxi Port Logistics Trade Group Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Port and Shipping Co., Ltd., Shihutang Navigation and Power Hub Branch, and Xingan Navigation and Power Hub Branch. Jiaoyuan Logistics Co., Ltd., Nanchang Longgang Comprehensive Terminal Co., Ltd., Jiujiang Yujiadu Terminal Branch, Jiangxi International Container Terminal Co., Ltd. They are working hard to build the Xinjiang-Jiangsu Xingan Navigation and Hydropower Project, the Jinggangshan Navigation and Hydropower Hub, the Jiujiang Hongguang Port Integrated Hub Terminal Phase I Project, the Xinjiang Shuanggang Shipping Hub and the Xinjiang Bazizuo Navigation and Hydropower Hub, the Wanan Hub Second Line Ship Lock Project, and the Jiepai to Double The project of the third-class waterway improvement project of Hong Kong and Shuanggang to Tunxi Hekouhu District, the reconstruction of the ship lock of Jiejie Hub and the first phase of Jiujiang Pengze Hongguang Logistics Park.
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  • No. 249, Fuhe North Road, Donghu District, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province