• Organization TypeGovernment, Institute
  • HeadquartersJapan
  • Founded2008

JICA Research Institute (JICA-RI)

The JICA Research Institute (JICA-RI) was established on October 1, 2008 to focus on policy-oriented, academically solid studies that address the important issues faced by developing countries. It supersedes and strengthens the research capabilities of the former Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC). Previously, JICA's research work -- including analysis and examination of technical cooperation, aid strategies and modalities -- had been conducted by the Institute for International Cooperation, an institute founded in 1983 to provide expertise for project implementation. JBIC Institute (JBICI), JBIC's research arm, was a successor to earlier JBIC research units: the Research and Development Department (established in 1974), the Economic Department (established in 1988) and the Research Institute for Development Assistance (founded in 1993). JBICI conducted research and published studies on economic cooperation, aid theories and development issues, emphasizing collaborative research with international organizations to ensure substantive contributions to the international development field. In pursuing its work, JICA-RI has the advantage of access to the development assistance activities of the new JICA. JICA-RI hopes also to develop research networks worldwide and create opportunities for dialogue between researchers and practitioners so that ground-breaking research can be conducted and its findings delivered to the international community.
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