• Organization TypeImplementing NGO
  • Staff26-50
  • HeadquartersKorea, South
  • Founded1993

Join Together Society (JTS)

Join Together Society (JTS) believe that those who are hungry should be fed, those who are ill should be treated and children should be educated. The Join Together Society (JTS) International, with its headquartered in Seoul, Republic of Korea, consists of field program offices in India, Philippines, North Korea and overseas chapters in US and Germany. Since their beginning in 1993, they have been committed to working with people of developing countries in Asia to promote equality, rights to development and sustainable livelihood. Taking holistic approach to confronting poverty and development, their development programs focus on encouraging the community’s initiatives and capability to bring changes by themselves. Work: Instead of specializing in a particular area of development they confront the issue of poverty in holistic way, including various components of development for mediation. As a fully volunteer agency, they pride themselves in their ability to direct most of their sponsor's donation to the community. Village Development All village development works, whether it be road improvement, school building, well digging or village cleanup, are carried out by the traditional village shramdan, where all capable people participate. Primary Education Fully committed UN MDG's goal of iradication of illiteracy, children's education is one of their primary concern. A village development program typically starts with the community adults joining together to build a school for their children and the sense of accomplishment and pride in their work enables the community to tackle further development projects. Medical Clinic Without access to basic medicare service, many people are needlessly suffering from easily treatable diseases and are kept away from medications by prohibitive costs.  They run tuberculosis treatment programs and programs for mothers and new borns. Emergency Relief Global climate change is bringing about more frequent and more catastropic disasters every year, more often in the countries without capability to cope. Their emergency relief dispatch team is highly efficient in sourcing out the required relief item in-country, rather than through often expensive ways of bringing the relief materials overseas. Assistance to North Korea North Korea program constitutes a special category in their work. In South Korea, humanitarian aids to the DPRK are often tied to political issues. With a firm belief that the suffering people of the North must be helped regardless of the political situation, JTS is often the first NGO to speak up and send relief items to the North. In the 2006 flood, JTS led the NGO community in the ROK by being the first civil society to send relief items (and also the most amount of relief items) and the only NGO to respond to the scarlet fever breakout by shipping 400,000 units of penicilin.
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Company Offices

  • Korea, South (headquarters)
  • Seoul
  • 1585-16, Seocho 3dong, Seochogu
  • 1124 Abbott Blvd, Fort Lee
  • Philippines
  • Makati
  • #6 Humanbon St. Magalanes Village
  • Sujata Academy, Dhongeshwari, P.O. Bhadeji, Gaya