Jost van Dykes Preservation Society (JVDPS)

JVDPS’ mission is to promote the conservation of Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands, its adjacent smaller cays and marine systems through education, research, restoration and montioring. JVDPS recognises that bio-diversity and native habitats are an important part of the social, economic, and cultural development of the Virgin Islands and protection is integral to the pursuit of sustainable human development and safeguarding the well-being of future generations. Programmatic Areas  JVDPS’ Programmes and Projects contain elements of the following 3 areas listed below. 1.) Research & Monitoring: (Includes monitoring ecosystem health and investigating and identifying threats to help determine necessary conservation action). 2.) Education & Outreach: Includes everything from information development (publications), environmental education activities for local youth to professional capacity building (e.g. international workshops). 3.) Applied Conservation: Can include many elements of the above.  Refers to Protected Areas co-management and restoration projects or hands-on projects such as the physical construction of Endeavour II.
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Company Offices

  • British Virgin Islands (headquarters)
  • Great Harbour, British Virgin Islands