• Organization TypeAdvocacy NGO
  • Founded2008
Journalismfund.eu vzw (formerly known as Fonds Pascal Decroos voor Bijzondere Journalistiek vzw) is an independent non‐profit organisation established (in 1998) with the purpose of stimulating in-depth cross-border journalism in Europe. Journalismfund.eu, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to advancing independent and in-depth journalism across Europe. It ultimately serves the public interest, furthers accountability as well as transparency, and contributes to critical thinking and well-informed debate. Journalismfund.eu administers grants to foster exemplary in-depth journalism throughout Europe and to promote journalistic innovation.  Journalismfund.eu’s flexible grants programs enable journalists to produce relevant public interest stories with a European mindset from international, national, and regional perspectives. Journalismfund.eu always upholds its grantees’ editorial independence and strives for high journalistic quality and rigor.  Where necessary, Journalismfund.eu mentors and provides technical support to investigative teams that have strong ideas but lack experience and infrastructure for collaborating across borders. Moreover, Journalismfund.eu coordinates and hosts an annual gathering of European investigative and data journalists, the European Investigative Journalism Conference – Dataharvest.  At this conference, journalists, data collectors, and other stakeholders from all over Europe network and generate ideas that often lead to new stories and collaborative projects. Journalismfund.eu serves the European community of journalists interested in developing best practice in journalism. Its overall objective is to promote and improve the profession in response to the challenges and opportunities stemming from internationalization, digitalization, and changing revenue models. Journalismfund.eu’s activities are made possible through support it receives from public, private, and corporate funders. It extends its gratitude for the generous and consistent support it has received from the Adessium Foundation, the Open Society Foundations, and the Flemish Government.

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