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  • HeadquartersSerbia

JP Komunalac

Public company "Komunalac" in Ruma, by its status, is a public company established for the purpose of performing public utilities of general interest to all citizens and the economy, and for performing the following public utilities: 1. municipal waste management - municipal waste collection, disposal, treatment and safe disposal including the management, maintenance, rehabilitation and closure of landfills, as well as the selection of secondary raw materials and their maintenance, storage and treatment; 2. maintenance of cleanliness on public use surfaces - washing of asphalt, concrete, paving and other public use surfaces, collection and removal of municipal waste from those surfaces, maintenance and emptying of waste containers on public use surfaces as well as maintenance of public fountains, wells, fountains, baths, beaches and toilets; 3. Cemetery management and funeral services - maintenance of cemeteries and facilities within the cemetery (mortuary, chapel and crematorium), burial or cremation, maintenance of passive cemeteries and memorials, as well as transportation of mortal remains from the place of death to the mortuary at cemetery or to the crematorium; 4. management of public parking lots - creation and maintenance of conditions for use of public traffic surfaces and special spaces designated for parking of motor vehicles, as well as removal and relocation of parked vehicles and installation of devices that prevent the vehicles from being driven by the competent authority; 5. Market management and fair management - municipal equipment, maintenance and organization of activities indoors and outdoors, which are intended for the marketing of agri-food and other products; 6. maintenance of public green spaces - arrangement, ongoing and investment maintenance and rehabilitation of green recreational areas and pruning of trees and cutting of hedges; 7. chimney sweep services - cleaning and control of flue and combustion facilities and appliances and ventilation ducts and appliances;  8. zoo hygiene activities - capture, care, veterinary care and placement of abandoned and lost animals (dogs and cats) in animal shelters, deprivation of life for terminally ill and injured abandoned and lost animals, control and reduction of abandoned dogs and cats population, harmless removal carcasses of animals from areas of public use to facilities for the collection, processing or destruction of waste of animal origin, implementation of control measures and reduction of the population of harmful organisms, rodents and insects by the implementation of measures of disinfection, disinsection and pest control on public areas. In addition to these basic activities, which are vital for the pursuit of economic activities and life in settlements, PE "Komunalac" in Ruma also performs activities whose valorisation is achieved on the market in conditions of free competition. The activities of this character are:  construction and maintenance of green areas, collection and processing of secondary raw materials, nursery production of ornamental trees and shrubs and production and sale of flowers, sale of funeral equipment and equipment, stone-cutting activity.
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Company Offices

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  • Ruma
  • Jelenacka 2, Ruma 22400