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Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Council (KMPDC)

VISION To ensure the provision of quality and ethical health care through appropriate regulation of training, registration, licensing, inspections and professional practice. MISSION To be an efficient, effective and accessible world class health regulatory body. MANDATE To regulate the training, practice and licensing of medicine & dentistry and healthcare institutions that include private & mission hospitals, medical, dental centers & clinics, nursing and maternity homes and standalone funeral homes. CORE VALUES Integrity and professionalism Respect for quality of human life and dignity Ethical practice Accountability Timeliness Justice and fairness Honesty Good governance Total commitment to service delivery Practice of knowledge led and evidence based medicine Effective communication Non-discrimination FUNCTIONS Establish and maintain uniform norms and standards on the learning of medicine and dentistry in Kenya. Approve and register medical and dental schools for training of medical and dental practitioners. Prescribe the minimum educational entry requirements for persons wishing to be trained as medical and dental practitioners. Maintain a record of medical and dental students. Internship qualifying examinations, preregistration examinations, and peer reviews as deemed appropriate by the Council. Inspect and accredit new and existing institutions for medical and dental internship training in Kenya. License eligible medical and dental interns. Determine and set a framework for professional practice of medical and dental practitioners. Register eligible medical and dental practitioners. Regulate the conduct of registered medical and dental practitioners and take such disciplinary measures for any form of professional misconduct. Register and license health institutions. Carry out inspection of health institutions. Regulate health institutions and take disciplinary action for any form of misconduct by a health institution. Accredit continuous professional development providers. Issue certificate of status to medical and dental practitioners and health institutions. Do all such other things necessary for the attainment of all or any part of its functions.
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