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In their community, there are children and young people looking for nurturing foster parent families. Over the years, everyone at facilities such as child care facilities supports the growth of such children and young people. But children and young people who need a real "home" rooted in the community need a foster parents' family. By becoming a foster parent, someone will expand the possibility that they will be able to prepare the "growing" environment necessary for them. In order to further expand its possibilities, they work passionately. Key Assets Japan finds flexible solutions to the needs of individual clients with a blend of services including: - Emergency & Long Term Fostering & Respite - Standard & Complex Fostering Placements - Specialist Consultancy Services - Specialist Resourcing Services - Bespoke packages of care Five Missions To provide an environment that can create positive changes in the present and future of children and young people who have lost opportunities to grow up with their families by providing high quality care together with carers and foster families. They are an important mission of their key asset, they aim to accomplish that day by day. Pursue possibility with enthusiasm They believe in "home" and the possibilities of children. That is why they will act with children, young people and parenting family, with honesty, respect and passion. They hope for children themselves They hope children have a sense of belonging and feeling of security in their family life. To that end, they will listen to their voice in an environment where they can be safe, pay attention to their strengths and strive to accumulate a small sense of accomplishment. They value all people Among them, they will consider children's needs top priority. They will respect the diversity of each and continue to challenge while helping with a sense of responsibility. Challenge safety first They constantly challenge and wish to encourage anything to improve for children.  But they will give safety the highest priority than anything else. Being acting based on experience and research, they value cultural considerations. Together with local communities They believe that children will grow up in nurturing foster parents only when working with local communities. That is why they honor the community and they will strive to provide care with high quality foster parents in good faith according to the situation in the area .

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