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Kinki Construction Association

The construction business is seeing dramatic development throughout Japan as a national land development business that promotes the foundation of the industrial economy that has recently developed rapidly. In the Osaka region, which is the center of the Japanese economy, roads, rivers, The development of public works such as housing is particularly remarkable in terms of mass.  Therefore, the Kinki Regional Construction Bureau, which has jurisdiction over the construction of these construction projects, will not only increase the number of staff in response to the increase in the business, but also make efforts to improve the efficiency, such as rationalizing the operation of the business. It is expected, however, that it will be a major breakthrough since the establishment of the land, with the significant transfer of the administrative work undertaken by the ministry, which will be carried out nearby. At this time, they continued to work for the Kinki Regional Construction Bureau for many years, and even after retirement, they are still involved in the construction business. I think it is time to become a part of the Kinki Regional Construction Bureau staff and decide to cooperate in the smooth execution of the construction project. Therefore, they are aiming to contribute to the development of land development by promoting the construction business by establishing a corporate association “Kinki Construction Association”.
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Company Offices

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