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Kolisi Foundation

THEIR MISSION They are dedicated to alleviating extreme poverty, bringing hope to individual hearts and providing opportunities to those with undiscovered talent. By enriching the lives of a poverty-stricken nation By addressing real issues By promoting equality By awakening talent By mentoring children to forge a new path By satisfying basic physical needs By mobilising funds towards organisations and their noble activities By being transparent in all processings By researching & developing foolproof approaches By always believing there is hope for thier nation By extreme generosity THEIR APPROACH To date, they have been privileged to have been the conduit for the installation of services that eased the plight of people in the rural community, the providing of the most basic needs of the homeless, as well as the handover of potentially life protecting equipment, amongst others. Projects Included Sponsoring rugby kits and sports kits to the teams that Siya had played for in Port Elizabeth The installation of solar lighting for children in Mthatha, so that the children could charge their phones without having to run between villages at night, and this also facilitated their ease of doing homework etc Various school and community projects Rugby fields in the Mpekweni township A donation of food for a month, to a small NGO for the Street People (R100 per person per month), with the goal being to raise that target to 1000 households for 3 month period
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