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Kubatana Vocational Training Centre

Kubatana is a community. Their members come from all walks of life and are based in all corners of Zimbabwe. Their core work is making the civic and human rights information published by civil society in Zimbabwe accessible to members of the public. To make this happen, they engage a creative suite of social media, delivering important information, daily, to people who appreciate a different point of view. Nationally Kubatana provides technical support to a wide variety of NGOs and CSOs. And, Kubatana is also active offline. They conceptualise and implement social justice campaigns at street level. MISSION To expand citizen access to civic and human rights information in Zimbabwe. To help Zimbabweans to make informed choices about how to live their lives. To support the work of civil society through connecting it to the public. PASSION At the heart of Kubatana are their members. They are dedicated to interactive communication and relationship development. You add, they multiply! They believe in unlocking resources and sharing them as widely as possible. VISION To provide non-partisan and credible information on a regular basis to the public thereby challenging mainstream media’s sensationalism and negativity. They see access to unmanipulated information as a human right.
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