• Organization TypeImplementing NGO, Advocacy NGO
  • Founded1998

Kurzeme NGO Centre

ABOUT The association “Kurzeme NGO Center” was founded on November 20, 1998 in Talsi as an association of public organizations “North Kurzeme NGO Support Center”, which was registered in the Register of Public Organizations at that time on December 10, 1998. Due to changes in legislation, in 2005 the association was re-registered in the Register of Associations and Foundations as an association. During the existence of the association, the statutes of the association, forms of administration, objectives and name have been updated several times. VALUES ◊ Democracy ◊ Man ◊ Education ◊ Own initiative MISSION Promoting the development and participation of civil society, thus contributing to the existence of Latvia as a democratic state. Strategic directions for achieving the mission: ◊ Development of civil society competencies ◊ Promoting the existence of an environment and conditions favorable for civil society and its initiatives VISION The leading civic competence center in Kurzeme, where the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for civil society are concentrated and nurtured.  TASKS  ◊ MOVING society towards civil society.  ◊ CREATE favorable conditions / provide an environment for the civil society to express and develop their activities. ◊ STRENGTHEN and DEVELOP the existing city. individuals to achieve their goals ( consult, mentor, educate, network, coordinate, etc. ) in forms in which it is easier and more understandable for them to express their civic activity. ◊ TO PROMOTE the creation of an environment favorable for the existence / development of civil society / creation of conditions at the community, local government, state level. ◊ IMPROVE the professionalism and competencies of the activities of associations and foundations. To make the NGO sector more professional and prepared for cooperation with each other and with the public administration. ◊ RESEARCH AND COLLECT information about the city. sector, the factors affecting its operation. Introduce it to the industry. ◊ REPRESENT and DEFENSE the interests of the sector.
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