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  • Founded1995

Kushiro International Wetland Center (KIWC)

The Kushiro International Wetland Centre (KIWC) is committed to promoting the wise use of wetlands concept and specific approaches to this end. Such use is intended to enable the utilization of gifts provided by wetlands in daily life while protecting the ecological integrity of these areas. KIWC is based in the Kushiro region of Hokkaido in northern Japan, and was established in 1995 following the 5th Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties to the Ramsar Convention held in Kushiro in 1993.   The Kushiro region is home to four Ramsar wetlands of international importance, including Kushiro-shitsugen (Kushiro Wetland). KIWC is a network with members including national government agencies, wetland-related local governments, local universities and NGOs, experts and other parties involved in wetland conservation. The KIWC Bureau, located in the Kushiro City Office building, pursues activities in collaboration with a variety of institutions and facilities. The region’s rich natural environment and local resident initiatives for wetland conservation attracted the attention of attendees from around the world at the 1993 Ramsar Convention in Kushiro. KIWC runs training programs for developing countries, international workshops and other events every year to provide information on its ongoing efforts in Kushiro and promote their replication for the conservation of wetlands in attendees’ countries. The Centre also engages in exchanges with overseas parties and organizations related to the conservation of wetlands, including KIWC’s Sister Wetland in Australia, in order to facilitate communication and discussion on wetland conservation and use.  
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