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KZN Rail Sp. z o.o.

KZN Rail Sp. z o. o. is the key link of the KZN Bieżanów Group in the strategy of comprehensive service of investment and maintenance processes related to rail surface. The executive company, which performs tasks related to building, repair or servicing the track infrastructure, is in fact an element connecting the design, production and logistics service chain implemented holistically within the entire capital group.  The company has the competitive advantage of knowledge and experience capital gained from the company KZN "Bieżanów". As a result, the comprehensive services of tram and railway track works performed by KZN Rail, with particular emphasis on junction stations and turnout heads, are characterized by high quality of workmanship, guaranteeing safety and long life.   Based on many years of experience in the production of railway turnouts KZN "Bieżanów" Sp. z o. o. developed the production of turnout nodes, tram turnouts, their components and track devices, and quickly became a major producer and supplier in the country, including the incorporation of tram and railway track surfaces. The flourishing of urban rail communication and the growing user requirements associated with it incline us to improve classic constructions through the use of materials of high durability, as well as to search for new solutions ensuring high quality and reliability of manufactured products with the lowest possible expenditure on maintaining the surface.  In addition to the production of track systems and switches KZN "Bieżanów" Sp. z o. o. also offers through the company KZN Rail Sp. z o. ocomprehensive service of construction of tram and railway tracks, assembly or repair of turnouts at the place of use, including fastening to the ground and watering with elastic materials. They offer comprehensive services in the field of: 1. Tram surface: Projects Disassembly of the old track system Production and delivery of tram switches Construction or replacement of surfaces in any technology 2. Railway pavement: Delivery of railway turnouts together with the choice of traveling lanes Transport of switches in blocks using SWITCHER technology Buildings of switches Comprehensive replacement and repair of switches Construction and repair of station tracks and sidings in ballast and ballast technology
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Company Offices

  • Poland (headquarters)
  • Krakow
  • Półłanki 25, 30-740 Kraków, Poland