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The role of the Madagascar Road Authority (ARM) is the management of the country's national highways network. Its beginning dates back to 2001 with the recruitment of three (3) engineers and an accountant, permanent officials under the Ministry of Transport. Public Works within the Management Unit of Works (CGTX). The CGTX ensures, as prime contractor, the day-to-day management of major works operations financed by the European Development Fund (EDF). In 2006, the Management Unit for Major Works (CGGTX), the Institutional Support Unit (CAI) and the Road Maintenance Initiative Center (CIER) are grouped together in the Management Unit of the Management Unit. Grands Travaux (DCGGTX) which is the technical core of the ARM. Before 2009, the Road Authority of Madagascar operates with staff consisting partly of contract agents and for the other part of supervised staff, permanent officials integrated into the Project structures.  At present, there are two hundred and fifty seven (257) MRA contract staff, of whom seventy-six (76) work at headquarters in Alarobia. Overall, sixty-four (64) engineers work continuously at ARM in collaboration with other "experts" in Markets, Finance, Accounting, Administration, IT and Human Resources.  In this year 2013, nineteen (19) Route Managers, twenty (20) Assistants in charge of Routes accompanied by twenty-two (22) drivers, supervised by three (3) Project Support Project Managers, ensure daily monitoring and control of maintenance work in the national road network entrusted to the ARM, distributed in the 22 blocks and one hundred and three (103) smugglers supervised by two (2) maintenance mechanics, ensure the operation of the 24 bins entrusted to the ARM. With its ambition to be a successful "Road Authority" and leader in Africa, the ARM has four (4) main values: Develop a sense of belonging through the motivation, communication and dynamism of employees in the corporate culture. Orient each person's state of mind and behavior towards the principles of economy, efficiency and effectiveness. Aim for the zero defect, the zero risk, the reliability, and develop the competence of the collaborators. Apply the procedures, with rigor and in the respect of the ethics of the trade. In terms of social development, other "institutions" that are governed by the regulatory framework, the Road Authority of Madagascar, has a staff mutual called "FIM ARM".

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