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L'Office National de l’Assainissement (ONAS)

ONAS was established by Law No. 73/74 of 3 August 1974, with the mission of ensuring the management of the sanitation sector. The Law Establishing the Office was amended by Law No. 93/41, dated April 19, 1993, under which ONAS moved from the role of manager of the sewerage system to that of main stakeholder in the field of the protection of the water environment and the fight against all sources of pollution. ONAS is a public institution of an industrial and commercial character, endowed with the civil personality and the financial autonomy. It is under the supervision of the Ministry of Local Affairs and Environment. The areas of intervention of ONAS include: Studies: master plans for the sanitation of cities and governorates, feasibility studies, prospective studies as well as implementation studies relating to sewerage networks, sewage treatment and pumping stations; Works: Realization of sanitation projects and control of projects carried out by other stakeholders such as real estate developers, public or private; The operation and maintenance of networks and sanitation facilities: ONAS intervenes fully and directly in all areas supported by decree; Technical assistance: ONAS provides technical assistance and advice to local authorities and other public or private bodies in the field of the fight against water pollution. The mission of ONAS is: the fight against sources of water pollution; the management, operation, maintenance, renewal and construction of all works intended for the sanitation of the cities whose management is fixed by decree; the promotion of the distribution sector and the sale of treated water and sludge from wastewater treatment plants; planning and implementation of remediation projects; the development and implementation of integrated projects for wastewater treatment and stormwater drainage.
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