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L&T GeoStructure LLP

Overview In 2012, L&T acquired a huge fleet of sophisticated foundation equipment and L&T GeoStructure - a unique legal business entity, was formed to focus, capture and build business across the ground engineering segment. The organization has four main vertical businesses. L&T GeoStructure executes all range of works in a timely manner with quality and safety possessing the capability of providing breakthrough 'Design & Build'solutions, with vast and speedy international networking for latest trends and technologies. The gamut of activities include execution of bored and driven piles, marine piles, secant piles, sheet piles, contiguous pile walls, diaphragm walls, cut-off walls, ground improvement, foundation testing and geotechnical investigation. A strong in-house design team offers end-to-end solutions. Corporate Sustainability The L&T GeoStructure strength is currently at 580 employees. An array of expats with niche area expertise is on board the team. Our HR team firmly believes that it is vital to identify the right person for the right job. True to this dictum, talented and empowered leaders are placed in key positions to effectively lead teams. Training and development of people is highly regarded in the company. Competency gaps are identified and structured training/development programmes to enhance skills are held on a regular basis. With this people asset on board, the organization is poised to rise to greater heights in the days ahead. A vision is what you aspire to achieve, to become, and to create. Your vision does not predict the future - it is a tool to help you create the future. In fact, a Vision Statement allows the employees, shareholders, and other stakeholders to see where the company wants to go, and what it wants to achieve. For any organization to function effectively and move forward, there must be a compelling vision. L&T GeoStructure's vision is to become the 'number one'‚Äč Indian mult
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