• Organization TypeAdvocacy NGO

Land Empowerment Animals People (LEAP Spiral)

Vision To engage all communities and empower each other to move from reactive conservation towards proactive stewardship To collaboratively transform a failing system to one that is healthy, transparent and respectful of the interconnectedness of life Mission To facilitate committed and open partnerships that enable : * habitats, species and cultures to thrive   * sustainable economic activities that place equal value ​on income security, quality of life and the health of our shared ecosystem To create an atmosphere of : * support and innovation for work on the ground  * openness and willingness to change across civil society, government and industry. Principles LEAP is flexible and responsive in accommodating the unique development of each of its partnerships and projects  -Listen to the need LEAP takes its cue from the needs on the ground and listens for and avails itself to the expression of that need in its various forms and through diverse voices across the spectrum; -Provide space for collaboration LEAP convenes and holds space for meetings and gatherings between groups that would otherwise rarely engage, unfreezing dynamics and protocol so that authentic and meaningful conversations can take place; -Engage relevant partners LEAP facilitates the formation and emergence of strategic partnerships through identifying common ground where natural alliances appear, and then fills the gaps between the parties to bridge towards action; -Guide solutions LEAP drives these partnerships toward joint action to address the needs of the collective, and guides the continued conversation so that voices are heard in a spirit of transparency and group wisdom; -Follow through with initiatives LEAP acts as the consistent connector to follow through with partnerships, objectives and deliverables, ensuring that movement and momentum is gained and maintained and needs are fulfilled; -Persevere for results LEAP commits to following through with its partners and projects as required by the unique dynamics of each; our commitment begins with the call for help and sustains until there is mutual agreement that the objectives are met and the work together is completed.
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Company Offices

  • Malaysia (headquarters)
  • H30, Gaya Park, Lorong Muntahan 1C, Jalan Penampang, Kota Kinabalu,
  • Sabah 88300