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Why do people love old buildings so much? They’re beautiful, they’re well-crafted and they just feel good to everyone. Oftentimes, they hold special memories. They anchor neighborhoods and downtowns and make them unique. They provide context to lives. They make everyone proud. Over time, they become part of everyone's identity. When a place that is important to people is threatened, Landmarks Illinois is here to help. Through a wide range of programs, they give people the inspiration and the tools they need to save the important places in their lives. They are an on-the-ground advocate, offering technical assistance, practical resources, small grants, education and endless support— all completely free of charge. THEY ARE: > A primary resource for all things related to preserving and reusing older historic buildings in Illinois, and the only non-profit preservation organization serving the whole state. > A visionary leader experienced at navigating the political landscape and helping to shape policy for historic preservation and community revitalization. > A persistent advocate on the front line, ensuring the preservation perspective is part of the community decision-making process. > A proactive and strategic group leveraging resources to maximize community impact. > An innovator delivering new solutions that save more historic places. > A collaborative partner who can help make complex projects happen. Founded in 1971, Landmarks Illinois is the state’s leading voice for historic preservation. They promote preservation, restoration and adaptive reuse of buildings and sites of many types in order to leverage our past to create a better future. We know that blending old and new makes communities resilient and interesting places to live, work and play. They are people saving places for people. EVENTS Landmarks Illinois hosts many events throughout the year ranging from intimate gatherings to our 750-person gala. Each March, friends, supporters, business professionals and civic leaders gather for their Legendary Landmarks Celebration to acknowledge our successes and honor leaders and visionaries who contribute to a vibrant cultural landscape in Chicago and beyond. BOARD Since its founding, Landmarks Illinois has been guided by the governing contribution of a volunteer Board of Directors. Their 32 board members support the organization in many ways including the generous donation of intellectual, professional and financial capital. Landmarks Illinois’ board members are among our greatest strengths. HISTORY Landmarks Illinois is the state’s leading voice for historic preservation. The 1971 demolition of Adler and Sullivan’s Chicago Stock Exchange Building, widely considered an architectural masterpiece, gave rise to the formation of Landmarks Illinois. Today, it is statewide organization with 2,500 members. In the 40+ years since its founding, Landmarks Illinois has saved countless architectural and historic treasures throughout the state. The organization has established a variety of programs to facilitate, promote and educate people about historic preservation. Landmarks Illinois’ founding mission was to stop the demolition of significant buildings in downtown Chicago. Its mission today is the same, only broader – its scope now encompasses architecturally and historically significant sites, structures and districts in all the cities, towns and rural areas of Illinois. ACCOUNTABILITY They strive to promote organizational accountability for and transparency about, how they operate and implement nonprofit best practices. They strategic plan, annual reports, financial information and records of their accomplishments are available to the public, enabling you to feel confident about your investment in Landmarks Illinois. The Landmarks Preservation Council of Illinois (DBA Landmarks Illinois) is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Their Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) is 36-2879987.
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