• Organization TypeAdvocacy NGO
  • Staff26-50
  • HeadquartersNepal
  • Founded2002

Lawyers' National Campaign for Elimination of Caste Discrimination (LANCAU)

Lawyers National Campaign for the Elimination of Caste Discrimination(LANCAU Nepal) is a non-governmental organization founded in 2002 by the then Attorney at Law Ratna Bagchand (presently the (Judge of the Appelate Court of Nepalgunj ) in order to eliminate the crime of discrimination against Dalit peoples. Mission Lawyers’ National Campaign for Elimination of Caste Discrimination LANCAU Nepal is dedicated to end the crime of caste discrimination through legal advocacy, research, and training to work towards accountability through implementation of existing anti- discriminatory laws and policies. As a professional organization LANCAU Nepal strategically positions itself to bridge the gap between high- level policy reforms and on -the ground social change by working with the government, private organizations, and public institution in order to create a nation where not a single person remains untouchable.  Vision Lawyers’ National Campaign for Elimination for Caste Discrimination envisions in an equitable society in which each person, regardless of his or her caste, enjoys a dignified existence free of discrimination; in which all enjoy free and equal access to education, economic resources, social, cultural, religious and political. They envision societies that will be characterized by profound change of mentality, in discriminators recognize the crime of their actions and the discriminated embody and assert their legal and human rights. For this, LANCAU, Nepal will be leading organization working against caste discrimination.  Goal The goal of the LANCAU within 2010-20 is to prepare critical mass, facilitate to design caste discrimination free legislation and legal framework and ensure effective institutions for the elimination of the crime of caste discrimination and to mobilize the entire country against caste discrimination by initiating sectoral campaign
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