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Le Comite Scientifique et Technique Eau Agricole (The Agricultural Water Scientific and Technical Committee - COSTEA)

WHO ARE THEY? Funded by AFD and run by AFEID, COSTEA brings together a very diverse community of experts, with the aim of contributing to improving the effectiveness of irrigation policies and projects. Agricultural Water Scientific and Technical Committee COSTEA aims to be a place for sharing experiences and knowledge, open to anyone wishing to contribute to discussions aimed at providing support to French actors and their partners in the South in the development and implementation implementing irrigation policies and projects. Bringing together the actors of irrigation By bringing together a large community of international experts, involved at different levels, in the processes of drawing up and implementing policies framing the development of irrigation, or in research or engineering activities, or in development operations, or even in supporting stakeholders, COSTEA focuses on agricultural water, in all its forms: from large, medium and small hydraulic irrigation, to community and private irrigation . COSTEA aims to bring together experts and stakeholders in irrigation on specific subjects that emerge from the interest of its members and respond to operational needs, with the aim of participating in the construction of a positioning on the methods of irrigated agriculture, today and tomorrow. WHAT DO THEY DO? COSTEA conducts projects that deal with issues related to the development of irrigation, by mobilizing international experts, with the aim of supporting local actors in the change. Organize exchanges and feedback ... which restore and debate the work carried out within the framework of COSTEA or which value the work of the members or partners of COSTEA in order to discuss them and widen their scope. The organization of Thematic Days or Country Days by COSTEA, as well as participation in co-organization in partner events involving different types of actors and different geographic areas, allows a crossover of experiences and points of view, and to specify the peculiarities and similarities of situations on a global scale. Generate knowledge and analysis ... which provide a better understanding of the dynamics underway in irrigated areas. By supporting the realization of theses, internships and studies through co-funding, and by the involvement of its members in their supervision and their achievements, COSTEA strives to update data, produce information and analyzes, shed light on hardly noticeable dynamics, to deepen the knowledge and understanding of a specific area or problem. Support changes in irrigated systems ... to improve the efficiency of irrigation policies and projects, towards more sustainable irrigation. COSTEA provides support for initiatives carried out by local actors through training or study trips, and ultimately, by providing them with a final work of restitution of the reflections carried out within COSTEA.
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