• Organization TypeAssociation
  • HeadquartersHaiti
  • Founded2007

Le Levier (Fédération des Caisses Populaires Haitienne)

The LE LEVIER Federation is a network of savings and credit cooperatives (CEC). LE LEVIER is an umbrella cooperative structure founded on June 30, 2007 under the aegis of the law of June 2002 dealing with the operation of credit unions and federations of credit unions. LE LEVIER is made up of 21 of the most successful credit unions in the country and has a national geographic scope. A CEC is a cooperative type of financial institution, carrying out financial operations with and for its members who share common economic, social and cultural aspirations and needs. Mission The mission of LE LEVIER Federation:  "A cooperative financial institution that supports the development of Haitian credit unions by setting up services enabling them to increase the access of all sectors of the population to banked financial services. It serves as a lever for local development by promoting business creation and wealth creation. To do this, it stimulates the pooling of resources and ensures the stability of the entire network while respecting the principles of sound management. It is recognized by its democratic management, its quality service delivery, its solidity and its financial performance. "
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Company Offices

  • Haiti (headquarters)
  • 31, Rue Ogé, Pétion-Ville Mailbox 15041