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Leave Out ViolencE Nova Scotia (LOVE Nova Scotia)

Leave Out ViolencE Nova Scotia has a narrow focus - broad impact approach to violence prevention and intervention. They believe that the following core principles make them successful in helping their youth turn their lives around: 1) Small numbers - Big results. They believe that change occurs because of relationships. Strong, influential, and positive relationships are created when youth get the individual support, guidance and time they need and deserve. This can happen only if they have a low youth to staff/volunteer ratio. 2) Long Term Work – Long Term Results. They believe that youth should progress through their programs at individual rates. They do not try to change 14-18yrs of living in a year. They need to allow their youth the time they need to make changes or begin their healing processes in ways that are effective for them. 3) Respect for Youth Values. They do more than merely tolerate the ways their youth present and represent themselves - they respect them. This means that staff and volunteers must constantly and actively learn from youth about their culture, values and modes of expression. They respect youth culture, and they believe that it can transcend other cultural barriers. Their belief manifests in the strong bonds that form among their diverse group. 4) At LOVE, they do not Judge by race, sex/gender, sexual orientation or religion. They must constantly model to their youth respect for, and curiosity about differences. 5) LOVE is for youth. Everything they do should be for the benefit of the youth. The wellbeing of their youth and the quality of LOVE's programs should be their main focuses. They should not compromise these for the sake of things such as public relations and finances. They must always listen to and respect the voices of their youth. 6) LOVE's definition of violence: LOVE sees violence as cyclical. Thus, LOVE works with victims, witnesses, and perpetrators of violence. Nobody is born violent - violence is learned. LOVE youth have defined violence as 'anything that hurts, and this allows them to reach and work with a broad range of youth and communities. It is their firm belief that by adhering to these principles they help the youth they work with to become the positive, productive members of society that they know they can be.
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